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Carmie's Dip and Cheeseball Mixes

Carmie's Dip and Cheeseball Mixes

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Dip Mix

Artichoke Parmesan - One of our most popular dip mixes, we’ve blended a winning combination of artichoke with herbs and creamy Parmesan.

Bacon Horseradish - This dip mix combines a smoky bacon flavor with a perfect bite of horseradish; Great accompaniment to sandwiches or baked potatoes.

Baked Bacon Jalapeno Popper - Our bacon popper dip POPS with flavors of smoky bacon, cheddar cheese and spicy jalapenos! Enjoy served hot or cold.

Baked Chili Cheese - All the classic flavors of chili with cheddar cheese make this a delicious baked dip.

Baked Enchilda - This versatile dip can be served hot or cold, and tastes just like a cheese enchilada! Allergen: dairy.

Baked Spinach Artichoke - Baked and served warm, this dip is an appetizing blend of lots of spinach and artichokes with a hint of cayenne.

Caramelized Onion - Classic blend of toasted onion with herbs and spices to make this perfect for dipping your favorite potato chips!

Chipotle Ranch - Traditional peppercorn ranch with the spice of smoked jalapenos.

Dilliest Dill - Creamy blend of dill, celery, and toasted onion. Great with seafood… It’s dill-icious!

Fiesta Spinach Dip and Cheeseball - Tried and true combo of spinach, bell pepper, and other natural herbs and spices to be one of our most popular dip mixes.

Green Chile and Cilantro - Spicy blend of green chiles and jalapenos, mild onion and cilantro. Excellent addition to sour cream chicken enchiladas!

JR's Ranch - Named after Carmie’s husband JR, this traditional combination of black pepper, garlic, and other spices keep ‘em coming back for more!

Jalapeno Cheddar - Spicy blend of jalapenos and green chiles pair with cheddar cheese to make one of our most popular dip mixes.

Jalapeno Cheese and Artichoke - Artichoke, Italian herbs and green jalapeno make a flavorful and tasty cheeseball.

Jalapeno Peach - Our Jalapeno Peach dip mix has the sweet and spicy dual action everyone loves! Made with real peach and spicy green jalapenos, this creamy blend will be the hit of the party!

Jalapeno Ranch - Your favorite ranch dip with spicy green chiles. Also great prepared as a salad dressing!

Mariachi Mexican Cheeseball - Peppery mixture of chiles and cumin makes this mix our most popular cheeseball.

Peppercorn Parmesan - The richness of creamy Parmesan complement garlic and black peppercorns; great with pita chips!

Roasted Garlic - Very garlicky! Roasted garlic and onion make this a perfect combo for all of you garlic-lovers!

Santa Fe Chile-Queso - New Mexico green chiles, jalapeños, and cilantro form a tasty concoction-great for tortilla roll-ups!

Spinach Parmesan - This dip mix is a great mixture of loads of spinach with creamy parmesan and garlic.

Texas Wildfire - We don’t skimp on the habanero in our HOTTEST dip, and it has an incredible flavor with a taste of cilantro. It’ll knock your socks off!

Strawberries and Cream - Ripe strawberry flavor with real strawberry pieces, this is a delicious treat!

Key Lime - Key Lime Pie without all the work! Light and refreshing, this sweet and tart lime flavor makes a great fruit dip or cheesecake.

Bleu Cheese, Bacon and Tomato - This gourmet dip mix is made with bacon bits and bleu cheese to give it a classic flavor.  

Western Onion - Our western onion has a mild and sweet onion flavor with a touch of smoky mesquite mixed in.

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Sue Lammers
Great for a Gift Basket

I bought the mix to put in a Christmas basket so I have not used it myself.