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Happy Valley Soup Mix

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Cock-a-doodle Noodle - Craving a homemade chicken noodle soup? Don’t wing it. You’re holding our #1 selling soup…and for good reason. A bowl of these handmade Amish noodles and delicious peas, carrots, and seasonings will have you happily roosting in your favorite spot.

French Onion - This savory mix of flavors will have you thinking you ordered the ‘soup du jour’ at a five star French restaurant. Load each bowl with croutons and melty Gruyère cheese and broil for the perfect presentation. Bon appetit!

Black Bean Chili - You’re holding the ingredients to a naturally bold black bean chili. You’ll love the rich flavor so much, you’ll put it on everything—hot dogs, tacos, nachos, burgers, fries, ice cream…well, maybe not ice cream.

Tuscan Minestrone - Mamma Mia! Grab a loaf of Italian bread and some vino to compliment this fresh and hearty medley of macaroni, zucchini, garlic and other tasty vegetables - don’t forget the sweet Italian sausage for a truly authentic taste.

Fiesta Tortilla - Craving a bowl of zesty southwest flavor?. Heat up your night starting with these naturally bold ingredients. This mouth-watering recipe will wake your senses and warm your belly. Sombrero optional. Ole!

Tomato Basil Bisque - This is no ordinary tomato soup. We’ve taken the classic fresh from the garden recipe and added spectacular gourmet flair. In a category of its own, you may feel the need to say ‘Ta-mah-to’ soup!

Garden Vegetable - You’re holding a garden fresh delight. Made with the finest freeze dried carrots, green beans, corn and peas, as well as the perfect blend of spices. You may even get a compliment or two on your green thumb.