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Buckskin Road Coffee

Buckskin Road Coffee

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Small batch, air roasted coffee from right here in central Kansas! We offer many of there delicious varieties - including decaf AND K-cups that are 100% recyclable!

Flavor notes: Flavoring is not added to the coffee beans, the tasting notes are flavors that occur naturally, and are inherent to each coffee. 

Honduras - Brown Sugar, apple cider and cocoa

Ethiopia - Chocolate and blackberry

Kenya - Blackberry and sand plum

Colombia - Black walnut and maple syrup

Organic Peru - Sweet citrus and brown sugar

Tanzania - Sweet fig and winey

Papau New Guinea - Chocolate and caramelized honey

50/50 Blend - Chocolate and fruity

Mexico Decaf - Chocolate and graham cracker

Bowhunter's Blend - Chocolate, sweet, winey

Rosebud Espresso Blend - Sweet, fruity, nutty and cocoa

K-61 Blend - Chocolate, caramel and almond

Lakehouse blend - Caramel, chocolate and fruit

Guatemala Blend - Dark chocolate and caramel

Auld Lang Syne Blend - Brown Sugar, Plum, Citrus

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brea Turner

Great but prefer a stronger roast.

Lisa Yoder
So good...

This coffee is smooth and has wonderful flavor. I have paired it with my favorite creamer and really look forward to my morning cup!

Ashlee Nicks
Buckskin Road Coffee

The coffee is great! It was nice and smooth will be back for some more soon!