Customized oil bottles

Customized oil bottles

If you are like me, you probably cook with a variety of different oils. I most commonly use olive, coconut and then some sort of canola or basic vegetable oil. I like having these handy when I'm cooking.

Having said that, I'm not sure how all YOUR cabinets look, but some of mine are a hot mess. Especially the ones right by the stove where I am grabbing things while I cook. 

I've had these bottles for years. Finally I got around to labeling them.

I used my Cricut to cut labels for the bottles out of vinyl scraps. I labeled each, filled it with the appropriate oil and voila! I got 3 bottles out of the disastrous cupboards while making these decorative, yet functional bottles for my counter.

I love it when an easy plan comes together, especially ones that cost me zero dollar bills because I am able to use materials I already have!

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