Bar mini update

Bar mini update

As you guys probably know, we moved last year and I have about 5,000 projects I want to do to this new place! 

There were not too many things that I absolutely detested about this house, but the hunter green counter and tiles on the bar I could not stand. Ugh. I had preciously gotten a wild hair on one day off and stained the bar itself already, taking it from an orange 90's oak to a deeper coffee color. 

When Linden decided she wanted to make candles, we really needed her to have a space of her own to do it in. We don't really use our bar for "bar" purposes so this seemed like a great place to set her up.

I have grander plans for this space down the road when the kiddos are gone, but right now I wanted a cheap, easy fix. Paint is my go to - obviously. It's a relatively inexpensive way to get a big change. 

I sanded the countertops and tile, cleaned and prepped them all. I used a bonding primer on it all and then topped with a durable paint. I did several topcoats and let that cure several weeks. 

While the counters were drying, I painted the walls and applied a peel and stick wallpaper on the back wall for a little interest! 

Chad built us a couple of industrial shelves for Lu to store supplies on to help free up workspace on her counters.

This small overhaul literally changes the overall look of the basement and I no longer cringe every time I walk by! Look for oodles of candles to be coming out of this space soon!



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