Fireplace Overhaul

Fireplace Overhaul

The fireplace saga continues.

My goal was to NOT paint the fireplace. I just didn't want to. My first plan of attack was to redo the tile and I thought that by adding a pattern it would give the fireplace a little pop of personality. Well, it did that, BUT I wasn't happy with the way the tile stickers brought out the yellow in the fireplace color and they just didn't pop like I wanted them to. 

So, to paint. I decided I would try to give it a barn wood type feel. I used my trusty Heirloom traditions paint. I actually had some grey color left (I know - it looks brown!). I mixed 50/50 ratio of paint to water to achieve this look. 

I used chip brushes and painted on thin coat, then used a dry chip brush to blend, thin and dry. This helped to pull the paint and help create the washed type look. I forgot to take a mid-paint picture - surprise.

After I got it the way I wanted it, I let is sit a couple days, then gave it a good topcoat for protection. I'm SO much happier with it now!

Paint is my absolute FAVE way to get a big change without a big price tag. So, when in doubt, just paint it!



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