Easy fireplace tile update!

Easy fireplace tile update!

In our last house, I wanted to add a little pizazz to the fireplace, so I painted the tile. While I LOVED the end result, it was a project that darn near sent me over the edge. It was very tedious - at least the approach I took was! Here is the end result. 

So when we moved into our current house, I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING to the fireplace to make it the focal point of that wall. I didn't mind the color of the wood (it's a pickled oak), but I wasn't in love with the tile. 

I started looking into alternative ideas that didn't involve painting. I had seen tile stickers before but was skeptical because, well, stickers. Children. Pets. Fireplace heat. 

I found some stickers from https://www.snazzydecal.com. They have oodles of great designs and patterns, and offer a ton of sizes for virtually any project. I took a chance and ordered some. 

Here is the before of the fireplace as well as what the stickers look like. 

The sticker material is thicker and very easy to work with. I used a cutting mat, a rotary cutter, a T square and tape measure. Easy peasy. I think the project took me 2-3 hrs and the majority of that was measuring!

I loved the way the stickers went on and I think they will be plenty durable. These can also be used on backsplashes and even floors! I might test that next.....

Once I got done I let it all be for a week and then decided I didn't like the color of the fireplace now against the tiles.........so next I'll paint IT! 



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