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Carmie's Soup Mix

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Potato - Our classic potato soup mix is super creamy and extra tasty!  This cheesy, creamy soup with bacon will be a sure hit! Just add water, milk, Velveeta, and some frozen potatoes to make this soup mix.  Contains no MSG and no preservatives.

Classic Cheeseburger - One of our most popular soup mixes! Comfort food at its finest. Creamy soup of ground beef, cheese, and potatoes.

Chicken Enchilada - Our most popular soup mix! It’s cheesy and spicy-everything an enchilada soup should be! For extra heartiness, add chicken, black beans, and corn. Allergen: dairy.

Chicken Tortilla - One of our most popular soup mixes, we combine corn, tomatoes, cilantro and spices with a delicious broth. Top with crunchy tortilla chips and cheddar cheese!