I'm sorry my kid

I'm sorry my kid

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Hilarious collection of candles for allllll sorts of occasions by Malicious Women Candle Co! Some contain profanities so browse accordingly!

I'm Sorry My Kid Is The Reason You Drink - Infused with "An Entire Bottle Of Wine" Scent: Cabernet All Day (Sweet Red Wine)

How do you all do it? I want to drink almost as soon as they come home from school. If any of you are reading this, buy an extra box of tissue, a few more boxes of pencils and maybe figure out how to sneak in a bottle of wine in an unmarked backpack. 

Cabernet All Day: True wine connoisseurs enjoy with all their senses which is why we pour a strong sweet grape aroma and hints of strawberries and sugar into your glass (jar). Has a great scent throw!