Simple Side Table Styling - Christmas

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Simple Side Table Styling

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Sometimes styling a simple side table is tough! I have this small round table tucked back into a corner and it needs something on it for a few reasons. One, it's size. Two, part of it's purpose is to hide the 5 billion cords we have going into the outlet behind it (one of my pet peeves!). So I tackle that by keeping that poof under the table and some sort of decor on the top.

To style a table, I always like a little height. I usually do odd numbers, so if you look at this, it's basically 3 different areas: the books, the wood holder and the small tree in the center. 

My personal taste leans toward having some differing heights. I try to think in terms of a triangle. I want a taller spot, then I play down off of that.

For this Christmas season, I used some of my everyday decor mixed in with Christmas. I flipped my book stack around (it has writing on the other side), and added my height items on top. These are my FAVORITE Christmas items. I just love how clean and sleek they are. I found them years ago on clearance somewhere and have loved them ever since!

Next I took my wood candle holder (from my son's wedding - my crafty DIL made these!). It usually has a small boxwood candle ring and a pillar candle. Instead I added a small Christmas tree and a small Christmas sign. 

Last I added the small gold tree, with a mini bottle brush tree in it. It's to hold a votive I believe, which would be super cute too! I think I picked those up at the Target dollar spot. 

That's it! Super simple and you can probably use stuff you already have to achieve the same types of fun, seasonal looks.