Henry's new bed

diy DIY painting pets

Here's the deal. We have 3 cats and one dog. The dog is mannerly, follows the rules for the most part and is in general, a good citizen. The cats on the other hand..........act like they own the joint. 

They think any surface is fair game for them to lounge. I find them on tables, beds, the top of the refrigerator....you name it! In effort to encourage them more appropriate places to sleep, I have made efforts to create them some spaces to call their own. 

I was recently unpacking a suitcase and one of them (of course) felt it necessary to try and crawl in it to nap. Same thing happens if we open a drawer and leave it too long. Really? So, that got me thinking maybe I could make them a bed out of an old drawer or suitcase - and it just so happens that we had an old drawer in the basement at the shop!

This project was super easy. I painted the drawer inside the same white I am using on the walls. I painted the outside black - because I love black accents. I ordered some inexpensive table feet to add some character and voila! I stuffed a couple of old pillow in the bottom and got them a new super soft and cuddly blanket (so I can easily launder it!). Seriously. So easy.

Henry took to it immediately and has claimed it as his own. I guess we'll see if he is gonna share it with his friends or not!


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