Black is the new black


I love it. I've loved it for decorating for darn near 30 years now. I'm sure it hasn't always been cool, but to me, it's a perfect neutral.

Though I am VERY drawn to all of the more recent embracement of lots of whites and grays, I've never lost my penchant for black.

When we moved into our new (to us) house, I was torn on which way to go. The house was built in the 90's and was very neutral. We get a TON of light, which was a huge selling point for us, so I wanted to ensure that I built on that. I cannot stand dark, dim places. 

The house has light tan carpeting, so I decided that we would keep with the tans since new carpeting isn't in the budget any time soon. Plus I have kids and animals so.....enough said. 

The house was built with golden oak. The main level has had the oak updated somewhat with a pickled/whitewashed look. I don't hate it, but I DO need a little contrast in my world too. The fireplace is done in the pickled oak and I was not crazy about painting it - mainly because I like to change colors and painting it would be a pain to change. So instead I painted the wall behind it black. It really makes the fireplace the focal point of that wall and provides that pop of contrast that I love. 

Next, we have a peak over our eat in kitchen area. I toyed with ideas on what to do with it because I really love the feature and wanted it to make a statement. Enter my friend black. We had the peak painted black and left the trim light. I cannot tell you HOW much I love how it turned out. 

Lastly, I've always wanted black interior doors. If you haven't checked it out, go look on Pinterest and see some houses. Its just a clean, sleek look, especially if you have lots of light tones going on in your house. As I have been adding my touch to this house, I have been doing my doors also! My favorite Heirloom Traditions Paint has made it easy peasy! Small investment, large impact. 

If you are looking for another great neutral, don't hesitate a deep gorgeous black! On my walls I used Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams and my door are done in Heirloom Traditions Iron Gate (I'll link my favorite products below!). 



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